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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How do AutoCAD coordinates relate to units of measurment?

Disclaimer: I don’t have AutoCAD so don’t please write this off as a stupid question.

Can someone explain how units of measurement are represented in AutoCAD? Is there a scale setting where a user can setup a relationship between coordinates and meters? For example, 100 units = 1 meter. If so, is there a default setting?


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5 Responses to “How do AutoCAD coordinates relate to units of measurment?”
  1. Mike J says:

    The coordinates are given in ‘x’ axis and ‘y’ axis units. ‘z’ axis units if working in 3D.

    The units are specified by the user and can be in feet, inches, yards, centimeters, etc.

  2. bcivil07 says:

    Yes. Type in the command “UNITS”.

  3. to_700million_idiots says:


    and UNITS setting

    Acad works in metric or imperial

    but you draw at any scale you want

    (I always draw at full scale and scale the border (the drawing sheet) )

    DXF imports often have to scaled

    Press F1 and use the help system

    PS Acad Lite (LT) is cheaper

  4. Phoenix M says:

    In manufacturing and consulting engineering, the standard practice is to draw everything at full scale in model space and scaling a viewport in paper space to get it to fit within your titleblock.

    When you first set up a drawing you can set the limits for that drawing and the units so you can have a direct correlation between your desired units and the coordinate system.

    Just about everything in Autocad like this is user configurable.

  5. Zenkai says:

    There is no units in auotcad, you draw to true demsion, for display purposes you can use the units command, so if you want to draw let say in architecture you can type 6′ and it converts it to inches for you.

    The best way to draw is to draw it in full scale, go to paper space, set up the size tittle block you want and scale your drawing down inside of viewports.

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