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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How do you get AutoCAD 2008 to Never create a plot log file?

I found the box in the settings that sais “always atomaticly create a plot log” and I deselected the box. So now about half the time I plot or everytime I create a pdf, AutoCAD creates a plot log. This just adds extra junk to my files and some of these folders are public. Is there a way to set up AutoCAD 2008 to never create a plot log?

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One Response to “How do you get AutoCAD 2008 to Never create a plot log file?”
  1. Jonathan J says:

    * In the Options dialog, the “Plot and Publish” tab, the Plot and Publish log file option
    * In the Plot Stamp dialog (PLOTSTAMP), the Advanced button, the Log file option (PLOT.LOG)

    To switch off the plot logging automatically, add the following command to your AutoCAD startup sequence:

    (command “_-PLOTSTAMP” “_LOG” “_NO” “PLOT.LOG” “”)

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