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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Any tutors/turorials or tips on Autocad 2000?

long story short, i need some good tutorials or tutors out there that would help me master Autocad 2000
if you can, please cite web sites, because books are too complicated most of the time
if you yourself are an expert, i would apreciate a little tutoring, or some tips would be nice
I am focusing on using Autocad 2000, but some stuff on 2006 is okay, though 2000 is, at the time, more beneficial.
I have never used Autocad, so please dont send me those sites that are written for the Einsteins of Autocad
The best help would be either step by step tutorials from yourself, or good websites that have more than a couple of sentences and a picture

im lookin for videos, diagrams, etc, etc

if there is a DVD or something i can order, that would be great

(and, if there is any other purpose for it, im usin Autocad for blueprints and construction plans)

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5 Responses to “Any tutors/turorials or tips on Autocad 2000?”
  1. Rowdy answers says:

    You could just as easily used yahoo search engine or google, check the links below. Good luck!

  2. pcheiden says:

    Online, one of the better learning spots is

    It’s a great site.

    Or, if you want a good book (not too complicated) I would grab the Autocad 2000 For Dummies or Autocade 2000 for Dummies Quick Reference guide. There is even a book called AutoCad 2000: No experience required.

    These can usually be found on’s website, and you can usually get good discounts on the used ones. Some will come with CD’s.

  3. nR says:

    I like this site:

    check some of the sites in my source list too, alot of good info there.

  4. Surveyor says:

    I consider myself an expert. I have written over 50 LISP routines that are shortcuts and additional autocad functions. I get a weekly email newsletter that has autocad tips called cadalyst. Click below to subscribe to it.

  5. chaotic_mum says:

    I’m studying to be a CAD tech myself, and I found “AutoCAD for Dummies” to be humorous and useful. It’s around $20 at a book store, but well worth it!

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