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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

are autocad drafters really the work horses for architects? is that job tedious?

I am thinking of doing autocad because I am interested in drawing…..
I was thinking of pools, buildings or houses but would like to know if autocad drafters are the work horses for architects? or do architecs do the more work by far?

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3 Responses to “are autocad drafters really the work horses for architects? is that job tedious?”
  1. poopoofu says:

    I am not sure who the workhorse is. I am about to Take some CADD classes. Technical Drafting, then some CATIA, wish me luck…

  2. DesB3rd says:

    I worked for a surveying firm a few years back and, yes, “CAD monkeys” with no formal design qualifications are prolific throughout the construction industry.
    Huge amount of stuff that is built does not require any design knowledge or imagination; small extensions, internal remodelling, small industrial facilities etc. This is really boring stuff to do technical drawing for, hence architect’s normally do a 5min line drawing and let the CAD monkey get on with filling the gaps while they deal with larger, more aesthetically challenging and, frankly, more interesting projects. Also specialist contractors require electronic design workers to produce working site drawings; again its highly detailed, dull as ditchwater to do but once you’ve got some experience can pay quite well.

    That said it is a very useful skill to acquire and as a by-product you’re likely to gain a good working knowledge of the type of construction you’re working on.

  3. ? says:

    all architectural firms are different but I have to say the Drafters are the heart of the firm, without drafters the firm will have to hire a drafting service that will cost them more money. Most Architects dont know CAD which makes you valuable. I have been doing it for 9 years (7 as drafter and 2 as CAD manager), in the end of day we “drafters” get the pressure to finish the projects on time and correctly. if you need help with drafting email me

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