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Monday, May 29, 2017

AUGI AutoCAD Wish List May 2010 Voting Results

The voting has completed and the votes tallied for the top ten Please Login or Register to see the link. items nominated by AUGI members. Make sure to get involved with the Please Login or Register to see the link..

1. Change Objects in a Block to a new Layer
The ability to change objects (like attributes) to a layer even if they are embedded in a block. Submitted By:  Jason Kelso

2. Automatically Differentiate Manually Edited Dimensions
For AutoCAD to automatically differentiate between edited and unedited dimensions Submitted By:  Matt Rogoff

3. Selection Boxes to work Relative to Crosshairs
If the crosshairs are rotated, the selection boxes should be rotated as well. Submitted By:  Don Foltz

4. Layer Select in Insert Dialog
The ability to select a layer when inserting a block or XREF
Submitted By:  Phil Tingley

5. Set Format of Copied Text
The ability to copy text from an external program and have the option to match the format of the existing mtext you are pasting that text into.
Submitted By:  Anita Nichols

6. Intelligent Text Masking
Text masking to be more intelligent with improved features.
Submitted By:  Allen Closson

7. Dimension, multileader and text style editorThe ability to edit dimension style, multileader style and text style in one place.
Submitted By:  Joe Barrett

8. Ability to Export Tool Palette Groups
Tool palette group system to be able to export and include the the tool palettes assigned to that group.
Submitted By:  Brad Ellis

9. Multiple Viewports Across Dual Monitors
The ability to place one viewport on one monitor and another viewport on another monitor.
Submitted By:  Paul Jordan

10. Embed shapes in the drawing file
The ability to embed shapes in the drawing file.
Submitted By:  Perry Medina

Thank You AUGI!

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