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Friday, July 28, 2017

Autocad….how to draw using feet and inches?

cad operator and uses metric in drafting e.g. line command @5000 (for 5meters). how to cad in feet and inches and tips is a big help. like commands for rectangle in feet and inches?

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2 Responses to “Autocad….how to draw using feet and inches?”
  1. John Boy says:

    Not sure which version you have but try this.

    Type “units” and hit enter

    In the Dialog Box that pops up set the:

    “Type” to Architectural
    “Precision” to 0′-0 1/16

    And below that in the box that says “Drawing units for DesignCenter blocks” change that to Inches.

    That should allow to input your drawing units as fractional feet and inches.

    Decimal feet and inches still work in this mode also.

    So you could input three and a half inches as:

    You will also have to change the settings on the “dimension style” to architectural inches if you wish to dimension the drawing in feet and inches.

    Good luck!!! And if you have any other problems just e-mail me.

  2. ninja cat says:

    very simple in the tool bar on top go to the format section and click on that. then hit the units part which will open a box drawing units. then there is the insertion to scale section with a pull down menu from which you can pick your measuring units, you also want to length type to architectural

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