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Friday, July 28, 2017

AUtocad, is there any way to change from decimals to architecture?

on the quicksetup I selected decimals and did my drawing but now I wanna have that same drawing on an architecture or engineering grid. is there any way to do it?

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4 Responses to “AUtocad, is there any way to change from decimals to architecture?”
  1. Cie says:

    If you talking about changing the grid spacing you can type “grid” and go through the steps to change your grid spacing.

    If you want to change the units of your drawings from decimal to architectural/engineering then that’s different.

    1. You need to know what 1 unit in your drawing represents: meter, millimeter, inch, or foot.

    2. Then you need to scale either down or up your drawing to suit your new unit of measure.

    For example: If you drew a brick 8 inches wide in decimal units. The unit would/should have been 8.0 Now if you want to go into engineering scale say 1 unit = 1 foot then you need to scale down your brick to 1/12 which then your new width of the brick is .6666… units which is .6666…foot and that’s 8 inches.

  2. Icepick says:

    Type in DDUNITS and pick the drawing units you require from the pull downs


  3. H_A_V_0_C says:

    DDUNITS is the command which allows you to select system of units.

  4. abizareaf says:

    If you want you can send it to me and i can do it for you. Its few steps. You can email to me at Dont worry, no charges!!

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