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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Autocad knowhows?

Anyone know where i can get drawings ( autocad files) . I am looking to see if i can replicate them. Preferably complex ones.
does anyone know of a link to download them? I am want to practise to be a pro , so any tips would also be great. Thanks

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4 Responses to “Autocad knowhows?”
  1. koki83 says:

  2. Joe M says:

    Your best bet is to find some drawings that are representative of what you would like to do – and then attempt to replicate those.

    Go online and search for them, and you should be able to find some.

  3. Surveyor says:

    If you let me know what field you’re in, I may be able to help you. Your question about tangent arcs has a fairly simple solution if you don’t need to have the arcs have certain radii. If you draw a line, then go into the arc command, press enter without entering a starting point and the arc will start tangent and the end of the line you just drew. After drawing the arc, you can do the same thing with the next line… just press enter when you’re asked for the starting point of the line and it will allow you to draw a line tangent to the last arc. Polylines do this the same way.

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