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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Autocad Paperspace- How do I lock the viewport and adjust the scale to print correctly?

I am just wanting the step by step procedeure after drawing in model space and I have added a viewport in paperspace. Now I want to lock the viewport at a specific scale of say 1/4″=1′. I am using the 2006 and/or 2007 version of Autocad. Then I want to print that scale without it changing on me. Its just been too long since I’ve done it. Help?

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2 Responses to “Autocad Paperspace- How do I lock the viewport and adjust the scale to print correctly?”
  1. nR says:

    double click in your viewport (vp) in paperspace making it active.
    do a zoom extents.
    then start the zoom command and type 1/48xp at the command line.
    you may have to pan around to get your objects in the vp correctly.
    then double click outside the vp back in paperspace.
    select the actual vp then rightclick, you will see the “display locked” fly out, select yes in there.

    now, thats how I do it, but you can select the vp and change the custom scale in the properties dialog, but to me using zoom is faster and you use any scale you want, not just whats on the list.

    look up the zoom in the help files

  2. Emeric says:

    thank you so much nR. saved me lots of time and frustration. thank you.

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