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Friday, July 28, 2017

Can I own a business doing AutoCAD for companies with out being an engineer?

I am starting a company doing more or less freelance AutoCAD work for companies like Welders, Capenters/stair railers, fabrication shops, custom machine shops, and some Architectul related work. And if theres any in depth requirements regarding Architectul i work with an Architect that would approve my drawings.

If you also have any suggestions feel free to leave some!

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2 Responses to “Can I own a business doing AutoCAD for companies with out being an engineer?”
  1. Jennifer H says:

    That would make you a CAD tech. ANd i do not know one CAD tech that is an engineer. As long as you are proficient in CAD that it should not be a problem. I am an interior designer and i use CAD pretty much on a daily basis, and believe be i am not engineer. For the architectural work you would more then likely be working from drawings that were done by an architect, therefor you are just transferring and not responsible for “structural” things. I am pretty sure most of you drawings would have to have some sort of involvement from an architect or and engineer though. Like if you were designing stairs, because that would be what is called a life safety issue. But for welding…i am not sure. If you were doing drawings for something like a large railing for a staircase and balcony there would definitely be codes issues…but if you are Just drawing them and not designing them…then i don’t see there being an issue.
    I do know quite a few people whos job is to just to CAD work, including one of my instructors from college who did own her own business doing cad drawings, much like you want to do.

  2. spam juice says:

    If you want to work with architect’s, it’s a tough market with tremendous competition coming from China, India, Eastern Europe and Mexico. I’ve found competent companies who provide quality CAD services and project management in China and Serbia. At the current US rates for qualified drafting, ($50/hour), you can get rates from $2-12/hour in those other countries. I’m not saying not to go on this venture, I’m just reminding you to be realistic. Do you have a working business plan? How do you plan to get projects? You will have some upstart cost such as software, AutoCAD $4500, Photoshop $600, Microsoft Office $300, Google SketchUP $600. It’s crazy to start a business without legal software. It also looks as if REVIT will become a major component in commercial architectural practice. The hardware to run REVIT is much more dedicated, you will need a quality graphics card $1000.

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