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Friday, May 26, 2017

Can someone help me with makeing 3d images using autocad?

I can make an image that looks like a square, but in fact there are 2 sides missing.

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2 Responses to “Can someone help me with makeing 3d images using autocad?”
  1. John Boy says:

    In your regular 2d view draw a square using the “LINE” command… 4″ x 4″ for example.

    Now use the “PEDIT” command to change it to a polyline. Then type “EXTRUDE”… pick the polyline square you just created. When it prompts you for the height of the extrusion make that 4… or 4″ as well. And hit enter to bypass the taper angle prompt. Then look at it in an iso view… you should have created a solid 4″x4″x4” cube.

  2. Surveyor says:

    Actually, a square is a 2d object. If you want to draw a cube, type in “elev” when it asks for elevation, leave it at zero. When it asks for thickness, give it a thickness that is equal to one of the sides of your “box”. After that, every line you draw will have a height that you indicated, so just draw your “square” and then use “dview” to see it in 3d.

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