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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Can you insert a JPEG image, draw over it, and save the DWG with AutoCAD LT 2008?

If anyone has AutoCAD LT 2008 I’d appreciate it if you could try to do this. I’m not sure if this tip is needed or not:

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2 Responses to “Can you insert a JPEG image, draw over it, and save the DWG with AutoCAD LT 2008?”
  1. oneman c says:

    hmmm, havent used the lite version…but I’ve insert jpegs into 2007 before…took images from google earth, scalled them to match my drawing dimensions, and used them to create house maps for my project……there’s an option to insert picture…in the tool bar section….if you know the dimension of a peice in the picture…draw a line inthe drawing that length..then place one corner of the object at one end of the line..then scale the picture by matching the freee end to the other end of the line…

  2. apple3902 says:

    I use to do that at work all the time to duplicate images, I have tried it in the lite version though. The insert command is fairly basic I am very sure that you should be able to in the lite version.

    P.S. Make sure that you set the image to transparent.

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