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Thursday, May 18, 2017

how can i draw a compound angle in AutoCad?

i have 2 trapazoid shapes connecting @ -30 degrees in a side view and -15 degrees in a top view. how can i recreate this compound angle on a 2d drawing to show the correct correction?

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One Response to “how can i draw a compound angle in AutoCad?”
  1. SherifOfEgypt says:

    use the ” flatten ” command, follow these procedures:
    1- You have to be in the plan view, do this by typing “PLAN” then press Enter twice
    2- Type”FLATTEN” and this is an EXPRESS command, if there’s a “UNKNOWN COMMAND” message, then go to and Download the express tools
    3- Chose your compound angle, press enter twice
    Note: the FLATTEN command sometimes works better with simple objects “lines better than polylines, Faces better than 3d solids”, so please EXPLODE the objects would be a good idea before giving the command.

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