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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How can I extrude the letters in AutoCAD ?

How can I extrude the letters in AutoCAD ?

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One Response to “How can I extrude the letters in AutoCAD ?”
  1. MΞЯ©ỮŘ¥ ™ says:

    Arc-aligned text is kind of like a block. You have to explode it to break it apart into individual letters before you can use the express tools text explode to break the individual letters down to polyline outlines. You should not be getting single line entities unless you explode again after the express tools explode.

    1. Create arc-aligned text
    2. Explode arc-aligned text to get individual letters
    3. Run express tools text explode to get polyline outlines
    4. Move polyline outlines into position at correct elevation over a solid
    5. Extrude outlines in the proper Z direction
    6. Subtract outlines from solid
    7. Set shademode to Gouraud to see the finished product

    What font are you using? What AutoCAD do u use?
    Do you have the 2005 service pack 1 installed?

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