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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How can I set rotate an AutoCAD 2008 drawing to a set coordinate?

I have inhereted an AutoCAD drawing and it isn’t rotated to absolute coordinates. How can I achieve this rotation?

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One Response to “How can I set rotate an AutoCAD 2008 drawing to a set coordinate?”
  1. Mike G says:

    The command UCS has the default setting as returning to the Universal (unrotated X upwards) orientation. So simply by complete the command (Return, Return) you will set the coordinates back to the ‘absoute’ setting.

    You could list the UCS settings and manually rotate it with the UCS command (option Z then the angle) but just Returning to the default is easier.

    I suggest you also activate and place in the corner the icon which indicates the current Univerasl Coordinate System (UCS) by using the command UCSICON and setting it to 1. This makes it easier to see what is going on.

    Finally the command PLAN will set your view to see the absolute UCS to its conventional orientation with X+ vertical and Y+ horizontal (and Z+ towards you). This is obvious easier to work with although you can draw orthogonally even if the view is rotated.

    Another great UCS feature when shifting your self around a drawing plane is to use the Object option and selecting** an object already orientated to the desire angle. In addition remember that you canb save and reload your chosen UCS settings.

    All the best,

    **the lefthand side to remain on the same ‘side’

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