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Friday, July 28, 2017

How do I dimension a spline in AutoCAD 2006?

I’m trying to find the length each side of a drain field, and the side I can’t figure out is a spline. It doesn’t show up in the properties box… there’s no length, only area.

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One Response to “How do I dimension a spline in AutoCAD 2006?”
  1. thewhiz says:

    You may or may not have to change it from an open curve to a poly-line. Then click on the drop-down box that lets you “inquire” distance. There’s a way to “walk” along the spline curve, from point to point, and measure the accumulating distance.

    I’ve never seen the 2006 version, but all Autodesk programs for Windows are very similar. I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you need as described above. Good Luck……………….

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