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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How do I make and render an object in AutoCAD when the components are not in the same plane?

I am trying to render a ship’s hull, which has lots of curves and is not in a single plane. AutoCAD will not allow me to make this ship an object, or sections of this ship an object, because the components are not co-planar. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to “How do I make and render an object in AutoCAD when the components are not in the same plane?”
  1. smurra60 says:

    You can try to put all objects at zero elevation (‘z’). Problems like this are usually caused by objects having ‘z’ values other than zero. Unless you are building a 3d model it is best to have all objects with a ‘z’ value of zero. Just having a lot of curves should not cause you much trouble unless you are working with 3d objects if you set the ‘Center Z’ value to zero with in your properties menu.

  2. Brian Myers says:

    Obviously since you are designing a 3D object not everything can be placed on “0” on the Z axis or else your boat would be flat. That being said, how did you design this ship? Are these components AutoCAD Solids? If so you shouldn’t have a problem, it should simply render. If you want this to be one “piece” or object you could simply insert it into a new drawing as a block and it’s automatically an object (block). BUT if these are not solids then I’m curious about how you designed this?

    Try posting your question on AUGI ( where they have hundreds of AutoCAD experts and you can post the file on their forums. They are currently working on their forum this week-end, but they should running again Monday morning.

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