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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

how do I scale an Autocad drawing I got from someone else?

I recieved a drawingfrom an Architect and when I try adding furniture symbols to this the furniture comes in really big so looks like the drawing is drawn in a diff scale.
how do I get it right in Autocad?

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One Response to “how do I scale an Autocad drawing I got from someone else?”
  1. Surveyor says:

    1. Thaw and turn on all layers.
    2. Type “scale” and press [ENTER].
    3. When the program asks you to select objects, type “all” and press [ENTER].
    4. The program will prompt: “Specify base point”…
    5. Type “0,0” and press [ENTER]
    6. The program will prompt: “Specify scale factor”…
    7 Type “12” and press [ENTER]

    This changes your units from inches to feet. You will then want to change your units accordingly.

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