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Monday, July 31, 2017

How do you copy and paste a JPG image to AUTOCAD? ( I wanna Trace it )?

its photocopy

i need to trace it onto autocad, but i can’t cpoy and paste it.

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2 Responses to “How do you copy and paste a JPG image to AUTOCAD? ( I wanna Trace it )?”
  1. Jim Bob Coon Dog says:

    Follow these simple steps……. I use this process daily.

    (If using AutoCAD 2007 or later use the command CLASSICIMAGE to get started)

    > Command Line: IM (or type IMAGE)
    > Select ATTACH
    > Browse to the location where your JPG file is saved
    > Double Click on the file or Select OPEN after highlighting file
    > Enter scale info or select ok (you can change the scale later)
    > Select a point of insertion
    > Scale or Rotate as needed

    That’s it!

  2. Ahmed K says:

    goto insert menu and then imagemanager…(or raster image )…click attach and browse to the image.

    After inserting the image following command might come in handy.

    Scale (with R=reference option)

    Align (enter)…very handy command to perfectly align the image lines to your autocad lines. Also scales automatically if you want.

    imageclip (enter) to clip or crop the image.

    If you want to print the image with your drawing then you can turn off the frame or the boundry of the image by
    imageframe (enter) 0=zero (enter)

    Dont forget to put your image in aseparate layer.

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