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Friday, May 19, 2017

how do you hatch a roof in autocad?

I’m working on a project for my AutoCAD class, and I need to hatch a roof. Turns out I missed that class that we covered it…
Does anyone know how to do this? All I need to do is pass this project, so I don’t need uber detail, and it doesn’t have to be immaculate. I just need shingles on my roof…

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2 Responses to “how do you hatch a roof in autocad?”
  1. Irv S says:

    Type ‘Bhatch’ command. – A ‘Boundary hatch’ dialogue box will open.
    You get to pick the pattern and define the boundaries.

  2. Eugene says:

    there is hatch icon you can use under the ‘draw tools’ or the shortcut is ‘h’ and enter … choose your swatch and scale …. pick the area you want to fill in, accept, preview it… change the scale and preview til it looks right and press OK.

    not sure what the name of your swatch will be called but I have “ar-rroof” and “ar-rshake”
    If it is 1/4″ drawing I usually use 15-20 scale.

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