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Monday, May 22, 2017

how does the first day on the job as an assistant architect like???

I’m starting to work tomorrow as an assistant architect. I’m jiust wondering how it is like? I’m not yet well versed with some of the softwares they use (autocad) but i know the basics, though the employers are aware of this… any tips and advice out there???

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2 Responses to “how does the first day on the job as an assistant architect like???”
  1. ModelFlyerChick says:

    No such thing as “assistant architect”. The position you’re talking about is a secretarial type position…answering phones, faxing paperwork, sending drawing sets out for copies, etc. Employees in this position typically know very little if anything about AutoCAD. …and the architects don’t normally ask them to work on drawings. The other people you’ll encounter in the office will be other architects and architectural drafters. The architectural drafters will be the ones who assist the architects with the drawings.
    If you eventually want to move up to architectural drafter you’ll have to get at a bachelors degree in architecture. I’m saying the bachelors degree because most employers will not accept anything less these days.

  2. Ron C says:

    There can be many administrative and production roles in an architecture firm referred to as an assiststant to an architect.

    On the more senior level I hace a Project Coordinatiors. These people are also referred to as a Job captain. They are responsible for production of architectural drawings and coordination of the engineering consultant drawings under the supervision of the Architect and all usually have Architecture or Drafting degrees, but are not Architects.

    Working directly for the Project Coordinators and often direcly for the Architect are Production Assistants. This term is replacing the term draftsperson as many draftspersons are doing much more with modeling than just drafting and often the people in this role have architecture degrees. These people create drawings and/or electronic Building Information Models as directed and designed by the architect.

    The Designer, who may also be an architect has project assistants also known as design assistants and are generally graphic designers or architecture school graduates. These people use programs or physical modeling skills to assist the designer with desaign development and graphic representation so he can understand the design.

    A construction Administrator may also be an architect. This person will have a prject assistant as well who organizes files, processes paperwork and many other clerical duties related to review of construction related sumittals and meetings.

    A project manager is usually an architect as well. This person usually has an administrative assistant who may develop project spreadsheets, and budget reports. This person will also generally assist the project manager in understanding manpower availability.

    Other Architect assistants may be involved in clerical duties including, filing, producing correcpondence, transmittals, fee proposals and other administrative doccuments under the supervision of the architect.

    Unless the office is small these duties generally do not involve getting coffee. The various types of assistants to an architect do the mojority of the actual hands on work in an architects office. Architects usually rely on ambitious Architect interns or receptionists to make the coffee.

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