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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How much of AutoCAD do you know?

If you are an experienced AutoCAD user, tell me every useful command you know of. I’m a beginner and want to learn as many useful tricks as possible. I know the basics of drawing lines and circles already. Tell me some useful tricks that you know of.
Give me step by step how to do them.
Tell me anything that pops in your head at this moment.

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5 Responses to “How much of AutoCAD do you know?”
  1. Roger S says:

    when you want to trim a line with edge…right click-then double left click… you won’t have to select cutting edges!

  2. Ren says:

    I don’t know if this is too basic for you but i use it a lot and remember being shown it when I started out:

    When you start a draw command like line, rect, etc. after entering a start coordinate you can do @x,y to position the second point at distance x,y from the original coordinate, just means you don’t have to be picky about entering precise coordinates to draw things to scale.

  3. wannafren says:

    Double click on the Autocad Icon on your desktop to start autocad, if you dont have an autocad icon on your desktop then click on start ->all programs -> autodesk -> autocad .. if that doesnt work, you dont have autocad on your machine .. go and buy a copy today !

  4. vhawn says:

    I have been using Auto Cad for years now…. The one tip, that even and Auto Cad instructor did not know is…. In your “tools” under “drafting options” you can change “user preferences” and “right click customize.” and set it to “repeat last command”. Makes it a ton easier to do repetitious items. Also… if you are right handed, when your hand is on the mouse, you can use your left hand to hit the space bar and it will do the same thing….. You don’t have to reach across the keyboard to hit the enter button. Good Luck… If you have any questions, maybe I can help.

  5. todvango says:

    There are 1000’s of tricks out there. If you don’t mind spending a a little money, there are some fantastic lisp and other cad add on packages out there. One of the neatest little programs I bought is an add on called “Periscope.” If you hover the crosshairs over any entity for a second, it calls up a tooltip with the information about that entity. Length, co-ordinates, layer, color, etc. It’s very handy and saves you from having to enter commands to get the information you are looking for. ($30)

    Need better control of windows sizes? Accidentally grabbing or moving menu bars when you didn’t mean to? Wish some of the pulldowns, like layer control, took advantage of a larger window resolution? Download “quickpik” ($30) from the same site…

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