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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to a scan a blueprint and modify on AutoCad 2009?

How can I scan a blueprint. I want to put this on my AutoCad 2009 architecture and be able to modify is this possible. Thank you for your help.

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2 Responses to “How to a scan a blueprint and modify on AutoCad 2009?”
  1. Lambik says:

    An AutoCad file saves a special project file which not like a scan of an existing image.

  2. Adjee says:

    It is possible to scan a blueprint and to put it in AutoCAD 2009 but as an image only. You would still have to trace the scanned image using the drawing tools in AutoCAD manually. After tracing the image manually, that’s the time you would be able to modify it.

    Autodesk has a separate program if you would like the tracing done automatically so you won’t have to trace the scanned image manually and so you would also be able to modify it at once after scanning. The program is called AutoCAD Raster Design – you can check the product and download a trial version at this link –

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