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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to change dimensions in autocad from cm to mm?

I have dimensioned a drawing but they have all come up in cm and i want them in mm

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2 Responses to “How to change dimensions in autocad from cm to mm?”
  1. Ezekiel says:

    Depending on Which Auto-Cad Year your using, I can tell you More details.
    In many cases, you’ll try to type ” Units ” > ” Enter ” To take you to a window to change your Units.
    But for Dimensions… You’ll have to go into dimension option Modifying the Units in there and then setting the Dimension Current. Most likely, you’ll have to redraw your dimensions, if already drawn, to see the changes.

  2. Bong says:

    Before you begin drawing in model space, you determine the unit of measurement (drawing units) that you plan to use.. You draw to true dimensions. You decide what each unit on the screen represents, such as an inch, a millimeter, a kilometer, or some other unit of measurement.. In other words, its only in your mind. However, you can change a dimension style according to your needs. Do this:
    1. type d in the command line->hit Enter or spacebar. Dimension style manager opens up.
    2. Note your current dimension style used. Click “modify”.
    3. In the “primary units” tab, find the suffix or prefix box. Type mm, add space before it.
    4. If you need to change the value from cm to mm, the scale factor will be 10, put this value in the “scale factor” box. If your dimension is 7.82 cm, for example, it will become 78.2 mm. Hit OK and close the “dimension style manager.”

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