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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to change the scale of various text boxes in autoCad at the same time?

I have drawing with text boxes at 1:20 scale, when I tried to make the model view at the layout I noticed it wouldn’t fit, so I changed the scale on the model view to 1:50, but all of the text boxes were still 1:20 so they look kind of big. How do you change all of these scales without having to change one by one???

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2 Responses to “How to change the scale of various text boxes in autoCad at the same time?”
  1. D.Shak says:

    Generally, in Microsoft Windows and other common computer interfaces, you can hold down either the Shift or Control/Ctrl key to select multiple items at a time.

    The Shift key is normally used to select a series of items, by clicking the first item and then Shift+clicking the last item – all items in-between should also be selected.

    In your case the Control/Ctrl key may be more relevant, allowing you to select multiple items that aren’t necessarily beside each-other (or in a row).

    Try selecting all your items using one of the above methods, and hopefully AutoCAD will allow you to scale them all together easily.

  2. Mike G says:

    There could be 2 things going on here.

    A) In AutoCAD pre-2008 your text may be drawn in paperspace and therefore are independent of any scaling you do to your model in the viewport. I don’t think that this is what you refer to.

    B) It sounds like you are using AutoCAD 2008 with the great new Annotative Scaling feature. There is a command ANNOUPDATE which allows you to update objects marked as annotative.

    Read the linked PDF source which provides a clear and concise summary on this topic. This includes the following setup summary (see below for source):

    1) Decide the Paperspace text height for annotations drawn in Modelspace.

    2) (for dimensions) set the annotation scale.

    3) (for dimensions) set the dimension text to the proper height.

    4) For Text or MText: set the text size to the proper paper height.

    Please ask me for further details if this has not helped. Also read up the blog entries indicated below in sources.

    All the best,

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