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Monday, July 31, 2017

How to convert AutoCad 2008 DRW File to AutoCad 2007?

In my house i use AutoCad 2008 and I had no problem opeining AutoCad 2007’s file with AutoCad 2008..
But at school I tried to open AutoCad 2008’s drawing with AutoCad 2007 but i Coulndt…. What should i do?

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2 Responses to “How to convert AutoCad 2008 DRW File to AutoCad 2007?”
  1. theheckler says:

    in 2008 go to file—->save as—->under the save file name is Files of type—-> there should be an option to save the file under the 2007 format instead of the 2008 .dwg file

  2. M_Ahmads_SKI says:


    It is easy .
    First — Open your file again in your Autocad 2008 .
    Second– Use Save as to save it Like Namexy , But
    from the dropdown List of File Type Select 2997 forrmat & Click
    Save button .
    Third — Close the file Immediately & don.t open it again here in 2008
    Fourth –Copy it to your Flash and past it.

    Fifth — Take your flash to the Autocad ver 2007 . now it should not posing any problem.


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