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Saturday, July 29, 2017

how to convert autocad file to corel file?

how do i do that?or can autocad files be opened or used in corel already?

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3 Responses to “how to convert autocad file to corel file?”
  1. dhvrm says:

    >> how do i do that?

    You can’t.

    >> or can autocad files be opened or used in corel already?


  2. ryN says:

    One option that often simplifies things and makes material import more usefully form AutoCAD is to plot it from AutoCAD to a file – using HewlettPackard plotter driver, but saving out ut to file instead of sendign it to an actual plotter – then import it to Corel Draw using the HPGL filter.

  3. blendedx5 says:

    There is no reliable standalone converter but newer versions of CorelDRAW (10, 11, 12, X4) directly support import of DWG files (in older AutoCAD formats). Due to the complexity of the DWG format this import might be unreliable – so convert your drawing data rather via the exchange formats DXF, WMF, EPS, or PLT (HPGL). All these formats can be exported from AutoCAD and reliably imported into CorelDRAW.

    Similarly for backward conversions of .CDR into .DWG files, do not use the DWG export offered in CorelDRAW. It does not create official DWG-format files and such “forged” drawing files may cause problems during further processing. Again, use rather the AutoCAD text format – DXF, or WMF.

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