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Thursday, May 18, 2017

How to create broken lines in Autocad?

I need to make a circle with broken lines..
what command is used? and can you give specific insructions?


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3 Responses to “How to create broken lines in Autocad?”
  1. __vinod__ says:

    Try with line types

  2. Nina says:

    After you create the line or circle go to your linetype and change it to hidden or hidden 2. you can go to this site to learn more autocad command and tips. They also have a forum. You get answers really fast.

  3. Maurizio says:

    In your drawing you must load HIDDEN linetype (normally only Continuous and Dalayer are loaded)
    For load: at prompt command write LINETYPE and load from ACAD.LIN type line HIDDEN (or load from toolbar linetype) or load from toolbar standard > Linetype
    After draw circle, select circle with mouse and press right button > from pop menu select Property (or press Property from toolbar), set HIDDEN in Linetype property and change Scale property factor for increase or decrease dash lenght

    For tutorial how load HIDDEN line see:

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