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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to create custom dashed lines in autoCAD?

Well i need to make lines like this

But i have no idea how to do it so that it automatically writes in the 8″FW or 6″W in the dashed sections. I know there is an premade line that ——HW—- and —–GAS— but i need to make others. How would i go about making those dashed lines?

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One Response to “How to create custom dashed lines in autoCAD?”
  1. Maurizio says:

    Open your ACAD.LIN file, search for 2 lines GAS definition, copy and paste in a new 2 lines, change GAS text with 6″W. Reload ACAD.LIN, you can use your new line.
    ACAD.LIN is in your C:… Doc & Settings….R18.#ItaSupport path

    *6W,my6WLine —-6″W—-6″W—-6″W—-6″W—-
    [“6”W”, STANDARD, S=2.54, R=0.0, X=-2.54, Y=-1.27]

    first line is for name of your line, and —6″W— is only for preview
    second line is really definition:
    “6”W” = is your text
    STANDARD = style name font
    S=2.54 is height for text
    R=0.0 is rotation angle for text
    X=-2.54 Y=-1.27 is relative coordinate of green dot to red dot in my picture:

    When coordinate is positive pen is down, if negative pen up.
    Example, in this definition
    A, 0.5, -0.25
    you obtain dash lenght 0.5 and spaces 0.25
    0.5 pen down, 0.25 pen up, 0.5 pen down, 0.25 pen up ….
    If you want draw a dots, you write 0
    A, -1, 0
    Obtain dots every 1 lenght

    My original answer is in italian:;_ylt=AjDU7HaJIwqXml2ekoLgW9sZDgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20100409223605AAtqPOq

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