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Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to draw a arc through 3 dimensions in Autocad?

I need to draw an arc in Autocad, I know how to do this in 2 dimensions, but I unsure about 3? IE a normal 2D arc that also rises through the Z axis along its length.

I’m using Autocad 2011 but im sure if anyone knows how to do this in any version i’ll be able to figure it out.

Many Thanks

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One Response to “How to draw a arc through 3 dimensions in Autocad?”
  1. Daniel says:

    i am unfamiliar with the 2011 version but in the one i use the way i would do this is use the either the UCS command, type “x” then type 90 for the Y plane to be facing up where the Z used to be, then u draw you arc, after that you can type ucs again and type “W” for world and your XYZ axis will go back to normal and your arc will be in the same position…. good luck 😀

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