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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How to draw a dimension line to the edge of circle in AutoCAD?

In autoCAD 07 I go to “dimension” and “linear” but when I put my cursor anywhere on the circle to create a dimension line it will only create the line in the middle of the circle, is there a way to get the starting line to snap to the middle and 4 main edges of the circle?

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2 Responses to “How to draw a dimension line to the edge of circle in AutoCAD?”
  1. awesomefb says:

    I haven’t used autocad in awhile. And I’m sure there are easier methods, just can’t rememember them. But I’ll try to help.

    What I use to do is, draw lines to create crosshair within the circle, extending slightly pass the circles. This will allow you to work with 4 sides of the circle, snap to end, intersect, tangent, etc….

    Select center of circle (intersect) then select line/circle (intersect), to dimension.

    Hope this helped.

  2. Zenkai says:

    Your snap settings is only set for center, if you wan’t to select a quadren then
    Type OSNAP at the command line, select Quadrent and click ok, now you will automatically snap to end of circles

    Or you can , if you don’t want to alter you snap settings is when you demenion, before you select your circle, type QUA enter, doing this for you next click and only your next click you will only snap to a Quadrent point on a circle.

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