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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How well does AutoCad work on the new Intel Macs?

I’m in school for interior architecture and my teachers are telling me that I should get a PC to run AutoCad. I know that you can download windows on the new intel macs (and then download Autocad) but my teachers are telling me it’s a bad idea. Does anyone actually do this… and what problems do you experience? I’m not talking about using virtual PC or any other software of the sort.

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2 Responses to “How well does AutoCad work on the new Intel Macs?”
  1. Linuxiac says:

    I fix Macs. And PCs… I run XP on one system (it truly is s l o w and it really does have more than “114,000 Microsoft Virus Definitions”), and, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD all process upto 50X faster in all the benchmarks, on my other 80 networked systems.

    The verdict is still out on running Autodesk products, or Adobe products, or any of the other Microsoft ‘trusted Partners’ programs on any of the emulators. I could do it. I know folk who do it. The opportunities to break something abound. But, the upgrade/patch cycles for the Microsoft products are a real PITA, and costly in manhours.

    Autocad is built, tested, and intended to be run on the Microsoft system, and seems to do OK. I don’t agree with all the DRM, lock-in to upgrades, etc. but, it works so that is the tool to use as designed, in a corporate environment. The Dell Dimension 450 equivalent to the Mac Pro costs over $1,000 more.

    Read more about Parallel corporation software, and Mac Bootcamp, before you dive in…

    The Dell benchmarks way behind the Mac, and the Mac is superior in all respects, including warranty support. I deal with both.

    Had a customer bring in his new Intel G5, 17″ Mac, and he complained about two problems on it. Booted it, and found that it booted straight into Microsoft XP Pro, and both problems are noted in the Microsoft Technical Bulletins!

    So, you boot Microsoft, you get all the problems, also.

  2. meddlerus says:

    I don’t have any experience with Macs, but I do know that your average home PC will struggle with AutoCad. If you look at the system requirements on the new software, it need PIII processor or higher to work properly.

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