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Monday, July 31, 2017

In AutoCAD, is it possible to create multiple drawings from one “main” drawing?

For fabrication, I have over 200 hand-drawn drawings of basically the same thing, just with different dimensioning. Is it possible to create a basic drawing and then just by inputting the different dimensions into the drawing, the CAD drawing will then re-adjust the drawing to the new dimensions? There has got to be a better way then drawing 200 drawings of the same thing.

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3 Responses to “In AutoCAD, is it possible to create multiple drawings from one “main” drawing?”
  1. Safireyez says:

    Maybe try to xref it, or make the original a template that you can just change the dimensions and save to a new file each time so that your original is still in tact. That is probably what i would do. I gues it would depend too on which version you are working in. If you have a book to reference there should be some input for that otherwise I found that Autocad for dummies is a good one, only like 20.00 at a bookstore.

  2. Mike says:

    If your drawings all have the same shape then you can draw it once and then use the stretch tool to stretch different parts to the size needed.

    Or if you don’t actually need the drawings physically accurate (for a profile cutting machine for example) you could draw up your part and name the dimensions x,y,z etc. and have a table drawn on the drawing with x= y= z= for each of your 200 components.

    If you were to draw the same thing in a 3d modeling package then this would allow you to actually enter new dimensions and the drawing would adjust. Have a look at autodesk inventor or solidworks for this.

  3. Jim Bob Coon Dog says:

    I agree with you….. if you have to do anything in AutoCAD more than twice, there is a better way.

    As always in AutoCAD, there are many different ways to perform the desired task.

    Your choices are limited unless you are using AutoCAD 2007 or later.

    AutoCAD 2007 or later – If you must modify the drawing each time to meet certain dimensions, I would suggest creating a dynamic block of your object and dimension it within the dynamic block session. Once complete, you can then copy the block as needed and stretch various aspects of each drawing and the dimensions will follow.

    If creating multiple drawings and hoping to limit the number of files being created, simply create new tabs (in Paper Space) and print/plot from each one for each “different” object.

    PS. Creating Dynamic Blocks is an involved process but well worth the trouble as it will save you hours/weeks/months of time. AutoCAD provides a wonderful tutorial. With a little research, practice and patience, you will easily master it.

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