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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mike’s Tips – Door Block Example 4: BasePoint

Your challenge is to figure out how to add the ability to drag your block by the basepoint grip, regardless of the flip state. And be on the lookout for the next episode of Mikes Tips where we will explore this feature in depth. Find out more: PT:

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2 Responses to “Mike’s Tips – Door Block Example 4: BasePoint”
  1. GerryJ08 says:

    Great video tutorials Mike. I appreciate your clear and very helpful steps when demonstrating a block feature especially when things don’t go according to plan.
    I have been using AutoCAD for a few years and everything I know about AutoCAD is either self taught or through online tutorials or the AutoCAD Bible. I highly recommend viewers of this post to watch all of Mikes videos, download them for future reference as I have done. Excellent job Mike.

  2. choinka1509 says:

    Mike, please change video names to Mike’s Dynamic Blocks Door 1, 2 and so on.
    I try to follow your instruction on progressing with dynamic block door, sorry you lost me somewhere.

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