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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Question for people who are currently AutoCAD drafters?

A few questions actually. First, does it pay very well? When I get out of school I’ll have training in civil, architectural/commercial drafting, and AutoCAD. Second, is there typically much travel involved? Finally, is it a field that is in demand with opportunities for advancement?

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One Response to “Question for people who are currently AutoCAD drafters?”
  1. travis m says:

    For a job that requires little formal training (a year or two at most), it pays pretty well. I made $15/hr as a CAD tech directly out of high school. Those who work full-time and have more experience can make much more. The only travel the the job requires is a few job site visits here and there, which could be anywhere from a few hours away, to a few states away, depending on the size of your firm. There will also always be demand for the job, because people are always building something that requires an engineer, and engineers need drafters. You might have to move to find a job, but drafters are always needed most places. I’ve also seen many CAD techs move up from that position to be design engineers, among other things. It is tough to become a full-fledged licensed engineer without getting a bachelors or masters degree, but it isn’t impossible.

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