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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

what is the procedure to install autocad in the computer?

my friend was trying to install autocad in to his system, installation done when actvating it to get activation code from keygen, it showing error report. what to do?

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2 Responses to “what is the procedure to install autocad in the computer?”
  1. drpepper55 says:

    The normal installation for Autocad should be pretty much guided by the cd and offer you custom or standard installation and walk you through either of those installs and guiding you all the way through, assuming you have a valid copy and install disk. Then to activate you again need to provide the legal serial # for your copy which will allow you to get an activation code and be able to activate your installation. Then all you should need to do should be to configure your installation for your preferred features, toolbars, and menus. Ask your friend to remove the previous installation and try to re-install again paying attention to the prompts as he installs it, again assuming that he has a legitimate copy to install from. Best to you…

  2. Charlie74 says:

    If he’s installing it using a KEYGEN, it’s not working because it’s ILLEGAL!!!


    Tell you’re friend to BUY software if he wants to use it.

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