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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Which type of AutoCAD to use if majoring in architecture?

I’ve read somewhere that architectural desktop is good? I’m really new at this but I want to learn and be good at this type of program so that I can have more experience. What do you recommend to begin with? What’s the most popular and best to use that’s already being used by other architects and architect firms? Thank You.

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3 Responses to “Which type of AutoCAD to use if majoring in architecture?”
  1. [ whoadarecares ] says:

    Well, u can always start off with the basics but still widely used version in any architectural firm, Autocad 2004/2000. The upgraded version is the Autocad 2007 and the latest release is the Autocad 2010. However, bear in mind 2 things, firstly, u would have to know the differences between Autocad and Autocad LT (Light) as the latter is limited in many aspects – so make sure u go for the Autocad full version to get the most of the program. Secondly, even though the latest version is Autocad 2010, most architect firms uses the earlier version (because the program itself with license is expensive), as i mentioned above, so even let’s say u have the Autocad 2010, it’s better to save ur .dwg files in the lower/earlier versions – as u can’t open a much later file (2007, 2010) in a PC with earlier versions (2000, 2002, 2004).

    I would suggest u to join a class where the Autocad is being conducted, to familiarise with the commands, icons and shortcuts, etc, rather than exploring mindlessly on ur own (it can be really frustrating at times). Together with the class, u can also buy Autocad books which displays the how-tos using graphics more than words as well as join the online forums to gain extra knowledge on the program.

  2. musikartguy05 says:

    to simply put it, AutoCAD.

    between 2007 and 2010 is fine. it takes some time learning the basic commands and a bit longer for the advanced commands (3d), but with practice and practice, you’ll be a pro.

    there are many different ways to finish a drawing. you’ll figure it out as you learn.

    here’s a demo of 3d done in AutoCAD 2007 i’ve made ::

    good luck !!

  3. jaywalkingjorn says:

    Well, although AutoCAD by AutoDesk is certainly one that you’re going to want to look into, and probably end up using, it no longer has the dominance that it once had. The program is still widely used, but you’ll have a huge leg up if you know how to use AutoDesk’s other product, RevIt. Revit is an excellent 3d program that has a ton of power. There is a lot more lattitude now in firm for those who use other products, such as ArchiCad, and anymore the larger firms can allow you to use whatever you prefer to work with if you’re on the design side. Heck, most schools shouldn’t require that you use anything in particular.

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