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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Window Schedule Part 1 AutoLISP Lisp Routines for AutoCAD

WINSCHED.LSP by Rayburn Drafting generates a complete Window Schedule in seconds – all you do is select your windows descriptive text on your floor plans! It also automatically applies corresponding window bubbles at each window on your floor plans saving you many hours of work each time you use it. This video is Part 1 and it demonstrates how to use the routine when all your floor plans are in one AutoCAD drawing. Visit for more Lisp Routines, AutoCAD Tips & Tricks Videos and purchasing information.

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3 Responses to “Window Schedule Part 1 AutoLISP Lisp Routines for AutoCAD”
  1. RayburnDrafting says:

    You can find my web site in the video descriptions.

  2. RayburnDrafting says:

    Just about! Is it very cheap at least. Go to my website for details.

  3. caddop22 says:

    Nice Lisp File. Do you give it out?

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