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Monday, July 31, 2017

An AutoCAD Roadshow in India and an AutoCAD Hip Tip on Draworder

This week I am embarking on a three city roadshow in India.  Stop one – is Delhi which coincidentally also happens to be where the Please Login or Register to see the link. are being held this week.  It’s been over 6 years since I’ve been to India and I’m looking forward to the super smart users found here.

I have a day before my first presentation so I thought I’d post a quick AutoCAD Hip Tip on two great commands that make it easy to control the display of text, dimensions and hatching.

An AutoCAD Hip Tip on Draworder

Most of us spend time controlling the drawing order of objects – especially text, dimensions and hatching.  We often want text and dimensions to be placed on the very top of our drawing objects, while we might prefer ourcrosshatching to be sent to the back.  Rather then fight with the DRAWORDER command – AutoCAD has added twocommands specifically to help us accomplish these three goals!

TEXTTOFRONT:  Use this command to bring text and/or dimensions in front of all the other objects in the drawing.

    Command: TEXTTOFRONT
    Bring to front [Text/Dimensions/Both] Both:

Note: Text and dimensions within blocks or xrefs can’t be brought to the front separately from their containing object.  Multileader and table text aren’t supported either.

HATCHTOBACK:  Use this command to send hatch objects behind all the other objects. Even hatches on locked layers will be affected.

Note:  Only in AutoCAD 2011

If you are using the ribbon – you can find these on the Home tab as seen below:

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 Enjoy – I’m off to enjoy some fabulous curry!


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