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Monday, July 31, 2017

Edit Your AutoCAD Designs on the Go!

In this article, Hedi Hewett describes how to use AutoCAD WS to edit your drawings on the go.  You can visit her blog  at


Given the advances in technology, it’s amazing that most on-site work (reviewing, measuring and editing drawings) is still a manual process. You bring the tape measure to the site, make notations on drawings, and then go back to your desk to update the AutoCAD DWG file. And if the design changes or something is not written down correctly, you have to go back to the site, and repeat the process.

With AutoCAD WS, you can easily make those edits directly to your DWG file while you are on site! Remove revision cycles, save time, and reduce errors! AutoCAD WS is not just for viewing files; it handles light editing, annotations, and co-editing sessions with your colleagues from your iPad, iPhone, and soon, your Android device.

Here are a few of the editing features you’ll find in the latest version of the mobile app:

Basic Shapes – Intuitive drawing tools enable you to create basic shapes such as circles, polylines, rectangles and revision clouds.

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Snap Preview – For greater placement precision, the magnifying glass is offset from your finger, so you can see the screen and what you are selecting.

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Copy and paste – Great for when you have repetitive design features. For example, a landscape designer can quickly copy and paste trees and bushes.

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Brush tool – Replacing the previous brush tool, this allows you to make freehand markups.

And best of all, AutoCAD WS is fully integrated with AutoCAD 2012, so you can easily upload your designs to your account for mobile editing directly from your AutoCAD desktop software.

Interested in getting the mobile app onto your Android device? Register here to be the first to know when the download is available: Please Login or Register to see the link.

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