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Monday, July 31, 2017

Extend Leader to Text

Here’s a great leader tip in Autocad LT 2012 from Kate Morrical.  She’s the Technical Marketing Manager for AutoCAD LT and has a great blog.  Be sure to check it out Please Login or Register to see the link..


This new feature in AutoCAD LT 2012 is pretty small, as features go, but I bet a lot of you will really enjoy it.

If your CAD standards require left-justified text, even when the text is to the left of the leader, you’ve probably seen a lot of notes that look like this:

Leader stops at bounding box

If that gap between the end of the leader and the end of the text drives you crazy, good news – you can now eliminate it. Just go to the Content tab and look for “Extend leader to text.”

Extend leader to text

When you check it, and go back to the drawing, your leader should now look like this:

Leader extended to text

Pretty cool, right?

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