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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Facebook Group

I’ve setup a Facebook Group for subscribers of AutoCAD Tip of the Day.  My goal is to create a “community”.  If you are on Facebook, to  confirm this group invitation, follow the link below:

Please Login or Register to see the link.

If you are not currently on Facebook, besides being able to connect with fellow subscribers to AutoCAD Tip of the Day, it’s a great tool for finding and keeping in touch with family, friends and colleagues. You can share unlimited photos, plan events and join discussion groups. It’s free and everyone can join.

To Join, go to:

Please Login or Register to see the link.

Once you join, you can then sign up by clicking the first link in this message.  If you decide against joining the Facebook Group, it will not interfere with the tips you currently receive.


If you found this post helpful, do my a favor and please press the Facebook “like” button below. 


2 Responses to “New Facebook Group”
  1. Jo Fugatt says:

    Man, I get to bug you all over the place now! 🙂

  2. Haha… you know you are never bugging me Jo..

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