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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Auto CAD (Snap & Grid)

In this AutoCAD tutorial we’ll cover: “Snap”, (not to be confused with “object snap”) acts like a magnet to force the cursor to set increments of the screen. The “grid” is a matrix of dots on the screen that can help you visualize things.

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6 Responses to “Auto CAD (Snap & Grid)”
  1. Lyingassholes says:

    I just wanted to ask a question. Im currently taking drafting classes at my high school and we use AutoCad 2004. Now I’m doing a drawing where I make an outline for a house and its in feet. But whenever I type grid in the command section and then type the size for my grid which in this drawing is 1 foot, which i do write 1′ but it tells me i need to specify point or something. Whatever help will be greatly appreciated

  2. Anubis665 says:

    had to take a small nap before continuing with the learning. great stuff Mike :). very educational

  3. wongno1 says:

    Hihi, i’ve got a question. I am using AutoCad 2006. I’ve on my grid and each X and Y spacing is 10. I just want to ask that the value 10 is referring to inches, right??? Is there a way to standardize everything to mm??

  4. teachmeautocad says:

    Thanks for the feedback. To snap to a “point” make sure you have “node” selected for your object snap.

    Regarding the screeching, that’s due to a conflict between the newest version of “Flash” and “Camtasia” (the program I used to create the videos). I’ll eventually redo all the videos and add a bunch of new material as well. Stay tuned.

  5. odmcarp says:

    your videos are very informative.
    on your website, the point command, and divideing a line into 13 segments…how do we snap to one of those points?
    please note that on your website, as you watch the videos, it makes strange loud screaching sounds..check it out for yourself.

  6. odmcarp says:

    great video but very blury

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