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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

auto cad tutorial-getting started

i did a search on you tube for cad tutorials and was discouraged with things in arbic ..etc but nothing solid that you could learn from ie in english

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15 Responses to “auto cad tutorial-getting started”
  1. noorseo88 says:

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  2. MPTutor1 says:

    thankx for uploading….very learning video….

  3. MrThinker100 says:

    Thanks SaNgHvI19b,

    Very good tutorial duud you would be a legend if you could make a 2009 or 2010 Tutorial.

  4. avialene6 says:

    nice xa…. mabuti meron nito kasi kadodownload ko lang ng autocad software ko…

    wonder lang ako kung ano ang auto cad….

    med course naman kasi ako eh…

    tnx alot….


  5. celoyski says:

    thanks alot pal

  6. hellman100 says:




  7. justlaughmoore says:

    If only my teachers were this explanitory…. Thanks a lot man, greatly appreciated!

  8. housevenue says:

    how do u draw property lines by reading the coordinates directly from the TCT or transfer certificate of title?..thnks.. 🙂

  9. Justluck68 says:

    very clear explanation…more power to you…evryone will learn from here….

  10. usouso says:

    thanks for this mate. legend.

  11. SaNgHvI19b says:

    ur welcome

  12. housevenue says:

    thnks for posting.. 🙂 more tutorials pls..

  13. manicd81 says:

    Thanks for posting these tutorials

  14. SaNgHvI19b says:


  15. fmilag says:

    this is nice

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