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Monday, May 22, 2017

AutoCAD 2007

AutoCAD 2007 in action.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2007”
  1. PrincessCandy2682 says:

    Hey can someone tell me where the more affordable Autocad software is available?

  2. JavaGuy147 says:

    many models like this are conceptual, and often done by architects. although any experience draftsman could make them, also

  3. yzemagic says:

    I am looking at a career change, and have been contemplating going back to school for 2 years in the hope of becoming an Architectural draftsman.

    Is this video example the work that a Draftsman would do? Or is this the work of an actual architect?

  4. TurdFerguson98 says:

    I need to become a little more familiar with AutoCAD commands. Some of the things being done in here that take like a few seconds usually take me several minutes. :/

  5. RSckaR says:


  6. paorfp says:

    wala yan kay sir jun…^^

  7. amindubai says:

    any body have or know where can i find tutorial of autocad for beginners???

  8. ChewTuber says:

    I thought this was what Autodesk Rivet was for.

  9. 1ENOC says:

    great program

  10. s4af says:

    Kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Calz2006 says:

    wow now i can see all the stuff it can do. Too bad our schools shitty computers are to slow to let you do all that

  12. chestyle8 says:

    what is the song? awesome video¡¡

  13. iheretostay says:

    Insane, I’m going to really apply myself this semester and try to pull some stuff like that.

  14. gck86 says:

    I love AutoCad!

  15. xgeceninrengix says:

    helaldir awesome!

  16. CarlosCW14 says:

    Cool video. Autocad in 3D looks awesome. Although the problem is that it is a bit expensive. I am being currently teaching the basics of it.

  17. mattanam says:

    I love AutoCad!!!

  18. navdrum001 says:

    wot the fuck! when did autocad become able to do this shit! i love it for 2d but when 3dis needed i always used catia insted. but this is impressive!

  19. sonicstep says:

    Don’t knock it. It is good for fleshing out ideas quickly.

  20. unbreakable03 says:

    I love autocad =D!!!!!!

  21. gordo4444 says:

    Nice, my schools drafting class has 200

  22. DAVIROVICH says:

    con todo mi respeto quedo muy bueno!y de la puta mare!

  23. nik607 says:

    how do you render ?

  24. ehyef says:

    Abi cok adisiniz yaaa bu kadar da guzel bi program yapilmaz ki 🙂

  25. houazn says:

    how amazing, what the audocad can do. i’m learning auto 2007, and loving it ^_^

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