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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 02

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, working with commands, opening and saving drawings.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 02”
  1. noorseo88 says:

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  2. headshot803 says:

    I miss this interface a lot. The newer versions of Autocad interface now sucks! Autodesk should have stick to this traditional interface. Versions of 2009 and 2010 much look like latest MS Excel and it slows me down to familiarize the location of menus.

  3. joseenriquevilca says:

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  4. unit666industries says:

    you answered all my questions… GREAT JOB

  5. midojeff2117 says:

    thx a lot

  6. JF1nn says:

    thanks for the vid, i thought the clicking was kinda annoying but i understand why you put it in.

  7. 99zoom1 says:

    great info. thanks…

  8. 21zebras21 says:

    Selling autocad 2011, only $50 ! msg me for details

  9. vasiljeviciiii says:

    Can someone link me to download AutoCAD 2000 or 2005 or any car Ceda

  10. an2get says:

    use my screen recorder pro

  11. Stiffman001 says:

    You dont have to always click command and then type in your desired task ie. line. You can just type “line” and it is already in the commad line.


  12. Nesteadrunk says:

    oh money 4 hd :))

  13. rayunseitig says:


  14. m2754 says:

    I wonder how software (whatever ) is transfer into a presentation file like this .What software/tools are involved to make this presentation


  15. TheNoypi101 says:

    youre the MAN!!!!

  16. MDzyne says:

    Very good Video, my Video can help too, check me out,, click on MDzyne

  17. Ms666norma says:

    Wow, I actually a Civil Engineering student and haven’t ever used Autocad before, this is helping me a lot in learning the basics in such a small amount of time =)

  18. necophelia says:

    this tutorials help a lot 😀 thanks!

  19. kantuhuayta says:


  20. jstapleton1984 says:

    has anybody purchased the other vids wanna make sure its not a scam

  21. khrysalmarez says:

    your so good at it!!!keep it up!!ive learned so much…and it is my first time to work with autocad,you’ve explained it broad and simple!!thanks a lot!

  22. teayangxxooo3 says:

    how can i get autocad 2008 for free???pls’s our subject this year.

  23. to0om7 says:

    From OMAN thank U soooooooooo much
    and keep it up


  24. sir5ive says:

    another way is to ::

    1. Polysolid command

    a. set height, width, and justify.

    2. simply draw the floorplan in 3d. be sure to change your view to an isometric view or using a 3d template like acad3d.dwt.

    there are many different methods to draw a same object.

    i hope i helped, good luck !!

  25. sir5ive says:

    yes, you can make a floorplan and make it a 3d model ::

    1. draw the floorplan without thickness/offsets.

    2. use the Polysolid command

    a. set the height and width

    b. Justify option

    c. choose the Object option under the Polysolid command and pick the outline of the floorplan.

    this turns your lines into the height/width you’ve set in step a.

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