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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 03

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Basic Drawing & Editing, AutoCAD’s Cartesian Coordinate System, Drawing Lines, Erasing Lines

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 03”
  1. joseenriquevilca says:

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  2. 99zoom1 says:

    great info….!!!!!

  3. mozahemi says:

    @SpenWallace lol yea it a little annoying 😛
    but the tutorial is VERY VERY good

  4. khoile2 says:

    really good tutorial video..thx

  5. JColin7 says:

    Good practice

  6. GeTtheMoneyAndGo says:

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  7. amerali09 says:

    thank u very much

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  14. shaisdabest says:

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  20. shaisdabest says:

    @grandlyrics hehe he expects you to remember it i need a reawakening on it tooOo!

  21. shaisdabest says:

    @GeTtheMoneyAndGo OH your one of the people who cant use it! I’m 13, im learning and will have work in less than 10months

  22. GeTtheMoneyAndGo says:

    i fuckin hate autocad!

  23. grandlyrics says:

    you didnt say how to se the cartessian method .. i thot u wud

  24. caddop22 says:

    At 1:58 that is not true if you use F6, please make that clear

  25. sequential32 says:

    Its kinda surprising how a video aided tutorial compare to a written one… you can learn via video in only a few minutes while written ones took hours just to learn the basic.. full of unnecessary stuff that just confuses the trainee

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