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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 04

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Selecting objects using a Window and/or a Crossing Window. Using Polar Tracking to make drawing lines more precise.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 04”
  1. MPMOLD says:

    @sequential32 You’re right! Downloaded and printed few ebooks tutorials about AutoCAD 2008 and all i can say is that they widely explains it that’s why you need 2 hours to learn these commands. Btw here is Jim with his great explains and vids where you cleary can learn those lessons in less then 10 minutes and we’re very grateful about that 🙂

  2. MPMOLD says:

    This would surely help me alot in my future if i see myself like an architect which i want to be. Your way of explains is so good… every1 gets the point you want to say thanks again in the name of every student who’s trying to make things better.

  3. 038934926 says:


  4. 99zoom1 says:

    great info.

  5. marcogugo says:

    @Mega2Sakaura i don’t know about him but i can imagine he just write those numbers, made a few circles and then centered each number-circle couple with the centering tool.

  6. Mega2Sakaura says:

    how did you write the 123s?
    thank you <3 for sharing your knowledge

  7. zohircad211981 says:


  8. bioshatta says:

    great videos, helping me to learn autocad a lot faster than those self thought books

  9. DaPeblz says:

    theres something called trim. use that

  10. Nikel87 says:

    Then I’m an idiot.

    This is great cadeeze!

  11. antosdesantos says:

    hey man thanks a lot… i’m new to autocad and i always wanted to learn to use it… i’m using 2009 though but it’s the same so far…. your tutorial are great and i want you to know that i really appreciate them… thank you…and keep it up….. god bless you…

  12. sequential32 says:

    lol I’m on this stage already and it took me like 10mins, while trying to self study with a book took me almost 2hours to learn these commands

  13. dizainanodala says:

    you are wrong. basics should be covered before moving on.

  14. dmeyerhoff says:

    try using trim or break…
    if object is made of polylines then try explode or look in the help section on object selection

  15. Lokulputha says:

    How do I erase a portion of a line or object ? Please help me ……every time I try to erase a portion, the whole object erased.

  16. ViRoy101 says:

    Boy I really wish he would put something in the video about how to get out of the line command!

  17. nibiru48 says:

    I guess folks like Lem93 are just born experts, huh? The really dumb thing is that he’s complaining even though this is all for free!!! How stupid is that!?!

    So cadeeze, on behalf of all of us AutoCAD idiots – a big thank you.

  18. TheLem93 says:

    good tutorials but you should start with real stuff, this is for idiots.

  19. crazysoccerman14 says:

    The only thing I find annoying is when he constantly goes back and forth describing the right mouse button.

  20. aphelionu says:

    thank you soo much

    you were really great

    thanks so much again

  21. pashikorg says:


  22. to0om7 says:

    From OMAN thank U soooooooooo much
    and keep it up


  23. najboljiiii says:

    Thanks it helped !!!

  24. burningflame00 says:

    hey, i have problems with polar tracking, when i want to use the additional angles, the increment angle is still kinda “active” because it “snaps” on the angle even if i have selected my additional angle, for example, my increment is 30 and my additional is 25, the lines snaps on every 30 degrees even 25 degrees is selected, and 25 only snaps at exactly 25 degrees above zero, not at every 25, please help me!!

  25. sir5ive says:

    hi !!

    you have to change your drawing units:

    1. type in UNITS in the Command Line.

    2. a dialog box will pop up. in the Length box and where it shows Type:, click the drop-down arrow which will list what kinds of unit you want to use.

    3. OK.

    i hope i helped, good luck !!

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