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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 05

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Additional ways to draw more precise lines using coordinates. Absolute Coordinates, Relative Coordinates, Relative Polar Coordinates.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 05”
  1. georgempo says:

    thanks dude i was trying to remember how its done but i forgot the commands cos i,ve got years to use it.thanks again

  2. golden7mkd says:

    Hey man , really great work but i have one question as I’m beginner at Autocad drawing … When I tried to get my ‘cross’ cursor to the beginning of coordinate system it not showed point 0 (zero) but something like 1288.2488 and when I putted specified first point 20,20 as you said in your clip , my line began somewhere from the left side of my drawing window and I can not see it. So can you give some advice what can I do? My scale list is 1:1 , maybe I should change it … thanks

  3. davanablossom says:

    From cyprus watching your turorials. It’s been very helpful on briefing me before I start helping my friend draw at his architecht company. Thankyou very much cadeeze. Your great at giving instructions as I am a complete beginner. Again, thank you for all your hard work, helped me a lot =)

  4. karunawansa says:

    brilliant video and idea thank you.

  5. gohchingmusic says:

    Really helpfull. Excellent ! Thank you !

  6. mozahemi says:

    you are awesome… best toturial :D… Dumbs UP

  7. pinklesley says:

    I’ve been there too – this guy is great. I think using these tutorials alongside classes will help no end.

  8. MrAwaishakir says:


  9. kinohi13 says:

    OMG I think I love you Kind of kidding I just started an Autocad class and I have been in it one month and have been sad and lost. One video from you has totally educated and inspired me. Mahalo So very much. I will be watching the rest for sure. Awesome Tutorial….Leilani

  10. deziistheone says:

    Thanks so much. You rock!

  11. wadijibaat says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge ….keep up your good work

  12. waldog38 says:

    I really like the videos.. Great instructor!!!!

  13. rayunseitig says:

    Great instructor.

  14. denumire says:

    luv u man:D

  15. impulsive2urge says:


    u muslim?!! ahahahahah!

  16. dmeyerhoff says:

    good tutorial, but i think many will be confused without having set up drawing parameters such as limits units etc..
    setting up proper workspaces is basic proper CADDing

  17. dmeyerhoff says:

    in format select units… and set it to surveyors units….. autocad recognizes this example N32d29’35″E…..d for degrees ‘ minutes ” for seconds

  18. khenzknyt says:

    Thanks brother for your time and effort for helping us we really apriciate it, were waiting for the new video hehe! god bless. . .

  19. malquisce says:

    Oh! I noticed, the commands are not displaying properly. I felt so responsible in creating a video reply because of this error in displaying my replies… hehehe.
    Just wait, i am doing the video reply now. LOL.

  20. malquisce says:

    sorry for that, there are some weird characters i dont know why it appeared. I will just repeat this.
    try to read my previous comment and ignore the special characters – and try to understand without those quote and quote texts.
    anyway, simply type in:

  21. malquisce says:

    1. Set your Units to “surveyor’s unit”
    Command: UN
    (this is for units) You can see this Angle – Type – Surveyor’s Unit
    2. Create a LINE
    Command: L
    then click on your first point:
    then, to your next point, type in:

  22. malquisce says:

    when you type the 20,20, it means that you created a line with reference to 0,0 – which is the first point.
    then, when you create the @30,30 – it will make the 20,20 (which is the last point) as your NEW reference point because you typed in @
    therefore, what happened is, your 20,20 added the 30,30 = 20+30=50

    which becomes 50,50

    if you want to make the next point 30,30 – then, don’t type in the @ and you will go to 30,30 because it will use 0,0 as your reference point, and not the 20,20

  23. khenzknyt says:

    brother can u help me how to draw a vicinity map by using minute. for example 5degree 13minute west, 29meter. how to draw that exactly

  24. hehehehe2000 says:

    Can i ask a question? i’m using AutoCad 2008 and i’m following your tutorials.
    when i type 20,20 it goes there, but when its 30,30 it goes to 50,50. what the problem w/ my autocad? pls help…

  25. khrysalmarez says:

    thanks a lot!!!we appreciate your effort in helping starters like me, to understand more about autocadd, more power to you!God bless!!

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