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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 07

AutoCAD 2008 Tutorial, Drawing Rectangles, Drawing Circles using all 6 ways to define a circle.

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25 Responses to “AutoCAD 2008 – Tutorial 07”
  1. TheDiamond10 says:

    didnt get the 3 point circle and the tan, tan, radius….in 3point, i wasnt able to make the three points and in the tan, tan, radius i couldnt make the two lines

  2. marcogugo says:

    very fine tutorials, about the 2 and 3 tangent creation circle i think it mostly would be better to fake a 3rd tangent even when you have 2 (imho in most cases it turns like needing a 3rd anyway).

  3. SnehaKhan1996 says:

    There are so many good people and you are one of them.

  4. theoutfielder40 says:

    yup,,juat copy and paste in word or xcel,,but you must change the color of display to white.

  5. an2get says:

    do this figure can be able to print? or i mean can this output drawing can be inserted in ms word? then print in a paper? pls pm me, i don’t know what is the pourpose of this program, especially when ur saving it,

  6. 24402989123456 says:

    ty for creating such pogram make my life as craftman much easyer

  7. anilgriffy says:

    these tutorials are just awesome

  8. to0om7 says:

    From OMAN thank U soooooooooo much
    and keep it up


  9. sir5ive says:

    hi rkorenek !!

    i really don’t know why you got a thumbs down on your question, but a thumbs up from me, lol.

    before Cadeeze used the 3-point Circle command, he either used:

    1. Point command as markers (changed the point style to a circle with the Point Style/DDPTYPE command.


    2. he simply just drew circles (i noticed him pressing Enter a few times so i’m leaning towards this.

    i hope this answered your question.

  10. mosanmec says:

    muito bom! very good!

    mousaniel froes, Brazil, Belém Pará

  11. leston4life says:

    cadeeze, are you an AutoCad instructor at a school, or what? You’re so much knowledgeable and clearer than many college instructors–who only wanna proof they are smart instead of simplifying it all as you do here. Thanks a lot, man.

  12. kamikim1 says:

    command ; point

  13. T0B0KKE says:

    You get used to it…

  14. mertvak says:

    all is just fine, great tutorials u do
    but the click sound irritates me!! argh..

  15. TransAmLuvr says:

    Another great, easy to follow tutorial! A nice touch at the end may be a specific item in real life that they may have had to use those commands, just for motivation. Then again, may be best to keep it simple at this point. You definitely have a knack for this!

  16. tareekhnawees says:

    the best i have ever seen well done well done well done

  17. loureiromalmsteen says:

    thanks man..your tutorials are awesome..

  18. karinalie says:

    Thank you so much! I learned more from your tutorials in one hour than from my college teacher during this whole semester!

  19. joca89markovic says:

    thanks a lot

  20. davibarbosadasilva says:

    First I congratulated him on the initiative and thanked him for up load of tutorials.
    I am apprentice AutoCad and will use in my work.

    Thank you.

  21. dinomagsaysay says:

    perfect! sick!

  22. rkorenek says:

    Hi Cadeeze
    When your were drawing the circle using 3 points, you first made three markers. How did you do make the markers?

  23. thisislesh says:

    Great mane, thanks a lot !!

  24. salaAllah says:

    thanks mate.

  25. S1ECO says:

    either way man amazing tutorials 🙂

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